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Things That Happen Right Before a Heart Attack

14 September 2011 140,709 views 68 Comments
On a Monday morning in April,  Merle Rose, a New Jersey woman, experienced what some doctors call "female heart attack symptoms;" a feeling of indigestion and extreme fatigue. Later, she had nausea, vomiting and fainting. But she never had chest pain- a "typical" male heart attack sign. When she got to the emergency room, doctors couldn't find any sign of heart attack and Rose says, "They would have sent me home." As Rose's experience shows, many doctors-and women themselves--still don't realize that female heart attack symptoms can look very different than those of men. In fact, according to a study of women's early heart attack signs published in Circulation, women have more unrecognized heart attacks than men and are more likely to be, "mistakenly diagnosed and discharged from emergency departments." Precaution is always better that the treatment after a heart attack. It is recommended to make sure that a person does not fall victim of a heart attack because of his own negligence and carelessness.  If you  know  your medical condition and there are chances that you could suffer a heart attack, then it is better to be vigilant rather than negligent. Every woman should learn about  women's heart attack symptoms to make sure emergency steps are taken in time. Women Heart Attack Symptoms are different when compared to men´s heart attack symptoms . Every woman should understand  the symptoms that are experienced when a person is about to have a heart attack. Dizziness, nausea and persistent anxiety are clearly symptoms that a heart attack is about to hit. In the presence of these symptoms one should never  ignore them. Heart attack symptoms should not be confused with symptoms of other diseases. Feeling pressure in the chest  is also a sign of heart attack. Before a heart attack usually all these Women Heart Attack Symptoms would appear after one another, but they all would appear in a group. It is not that just a single symptom would appear. Therefore it is important to understand this combination. If a person notices that he is having trouble breathing and there is anxiety that is leading to fast heart beat then he should raise the alarm. For a fighting chance to survive in the event of a heart attack it is important that women have knowledge of Women Heart Attack Symptoms. With the large number of incidents every year it is important for you to understand what to look for by way of women heart attack symptoms. As you probably already know ,a significant number of women are killed by heart attacks each year. In common with others you will be aware that there are a number of reasons for heart attack, sometimes it is old age, or high levels of stress, but unfortunately there are others reasons as well.       Hence it is vital for you, to look out for other women´s heart attack symptoms . These symptoms simply should not be ignored. Both men and women can fall prey to heart attacks but over time studies have shown that the symptoms in men and women can be very different. With the increase in studies on heart attacks , we know now within medical research circles that there is a difference in the heart attack symptoms in both sexes.  For both sexes to ignore the evidence of possible risk of heart attacks can be fatal. There are some common women heart attack symptoms that should cause you to seek immediate medical care, these include nausea and headache along with severe anxiety. When all these factors are in evidence at the same time, then it is seen that the combination form what can be said to be the initial women heart attack symptoms. However there are other things to look out for, things that give further evidence of the risk of having a heart attack. For women always check to see if you consider that you are experiencing swelling in your joints of your lower legs, particularly the ankles. This is a major cause for concern if the swelling continues even when you are undergoing treatment to relieve it. Another symptom of women at heart attack risk is when you feel breathlessness and  experience difficulty in waking up and in rising after a period of sleep. Women heart attack symptoms will possibly also be identified with faster heart rate and sometimes palpitations of the heart. This is perhaps the clearest indication of either a heart attack or of the imminent risk of a heart attack. Combinations of these symptoms along with dizziness and sweating will highlight the bad news that the person is in fact having a heart attack. Strangely women are much more likely to ignore or to not take action when some of these women heart attack symptoms are present. Obviously action should be taken to try to relieve the symptoms as quickly as possible. Anyone in this situation needs to seek immediate medical attention. If you come across anyone suffering a heart attack and has stopped breathing it is vital that you can undertake CPR. In such situations professional medical help is vital.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms Summary

"female heart attack symptoms; " a feeling of indigestion and extreme fatigue. nausea, vomiting and fainting headache along with severe anxiety. Feeling pressure at the chest and heavy chest Swelling in your joints of your lower legs, particularly the ankles Feel breathlessness Experience difficulty in waking up and in rising after a period of sleep. Dizziness and sweating Faster heart rate Palpitations of the heart.
  • Pressure, fullness or a squeezing pain in the center of the chest, which may spread to the neck, shoulder or jaw
  • Chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath
  • In the Circulation study, common female heart attack symptoms include:
  • shortness of breath (57.9%)
  • weakness (54.8%)
  • unusual fatigue (42.9%)
  • Women also had these symptoms:
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Lower chest discomfort
    • Upper abdominal pressure or discomfort that may feel like indigestion
    • Back pain
    In summary if you know of someone who is exhibiting many of the above women's heart attack symptoms, you need to be in a state of readiness to take the correct action. Discover how to combat the heart attack that could be coming either by reducing the risk of the attack or by knowing how to deal with it should it hit.
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    • Teresa Watson said:

      I have been having sharp tingly pains in my left side of my chest.I get an ache down the side of my neck every now and again, then to my shoulder which goes to my elbow.The tingly pains seem to stay for a period of time then go. I am very tired all day long and have to force any energy that I can to do the simpliest house hold chore. I used to be on the go at all times but lately something has stopped me. I would appreciate any help

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine (author) said:

      Teresa please go to the doctor right away and have a EKG done, as well as a complete blood count.
      If everything is normal, then ask your doctor to send you to have physical therapy, you may be sitting, standing or sleeping in a position that causes all these problems. Good luck and let us know.

    • Carol said:

      I had an experience with my heart in May—I had Atrial Fib, I mowed the grass on a Wednesday. My shoulders hurt so bad, but I thought it was because that was the first time that year I mowed. The next day I went in to get my weekly shot, The nurse said I will give you your shot but then I am walking you over to ER——-We did that–I was having lots of problems with the heart , but after 3 hours they decided to let me go home. The next day we went out to eat, came home . I sat down and said I really feel funny–I took my blood pressure–It was high. I said maybe I better go in to ER—well they kept me then and the next day flew me to the big city for triple Bypass. It was a lesson to listen to your body. Only you know how your body should feel.

    • Marilynn said:

      This is a really good article … but someone needs to edit it for clarity and correct English. The 4th paragraph alone needs lots of work, as well as other paragraphs.

      That aside, I’m very grateful for the information. Thanks so much. =)

    • heart conditions said:

      WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for signs of heart attack

    • Onie Kneuper said:

      Heart attack can be prevented by following daily exercise routine and also with the use of protective health supplements. “.,`;

      Take care

    • Rodrick Euser said:

      Heart attacks can be prevented if we just do regular cardio exercises each day and we also watch our diet, avoiding fats. `;”.

      Have a great day! http://www.healthmedicinelab.com/citalopram-side-effects/

    • teresa jones said:

      41 yr old female, single mother of 2…These are my symptoms which have me really worried but cant go to the doctor till next week when my insurance kicks in… First symptom, upper back pain between shoulder blades, pain not letting up after 2 weeks, now pain is radiating into rt arm, achey and sometimes a sharp pain shoots thru it.. Indigestion and a feeling like something is in the back of my throat but want go away no matter how many times i clear my throat.. Extreme fatigue, body feels very hot even in air condition, yesterday had heavy burning feeling on chest and little sharp pain on inner lt breast..I am scared to death because if something happens to me I have nobody to take care of my kids.. All I know is I have never felt this way before…

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Teresa,

      Please go to the Emergency Room as soon as possible. You are in need of an EKG.
      Good luck!

      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Maisie Barnscater said:

      Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death in US. we should always find ways to manage this disease.;

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    • Tanya said:

      A few weeks ago, I woke up after a good nights sleep and felt very dizzy. I couldn’t get out of bed to walk to the bathroom. I also felt nausea, a tightness in my chest, and lifeless. I found it difficult to even dress to go to hospital. I did not sweat though. I was taken to the hospital by my son and I had to tell all my symptons to the Dr. and I was checked for my BP, they did an ECG, blood sugar test and all reports came out clear. I am 43. I was given an injection for my dizzy spell and sent home! Is there anything else I should do to check if I had a silent heart attack? I’m not sure if this hospital took a proper look at me, and just treated me for vertigo. I am scared that I may have had a heart attack unknowingly and could have another one and will not be prepared. Both my parents were heart attack patients. Any medical advise is appreciated.

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Make an appointment with a Cardiologist. ( a heart’s specialist)
      Go to the hospital record’s department and get a copy of the tests results done to you, when you went to the ER
      and bring them along to the cardiologist.
      Good luck!
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • heidi northrop said:

      I am a 33 year old female. I am slightly overweight and do not workout. My exercise consists of a couple of walks per week. My diet is not terrible but not good either. I have noticed that my heart rate increases sometimes after I eat certain foods. It can also be faster when I wake up during the night. I have a pain in my neck that travels a little to my back but I take care of a baby all day also and tend to lean forward a lot. I have ansiety but have always had it since I was 21 so I wouldn’t know the difference between normal anxiety for me and heart attack anxiety. Sometimes I have neausea but I didn’t notice it until I started a new medication. I recently stopped the medication but still have small bouts of nausea now and then. I had trouble waking up the other morning but I also take trazadone and sometimes that makes it harder to wake up. I am tired today after doing some errands but there is illness working its way around the community. My family all had it. I am just so confused as to what is normal and what I should look out for. I smoked for a year and quit last month as well. I don’ know. What do you think?

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:


      Have you mentioned all these symptoms to your doctor?
      As soon as possible, ask him/her to do a series of heart tests, they are simple and quick and they will give you the peace of mind of knowing if all these sensations are coming from your heart or if they are a side effect of the medications you are currently taking. Good luck and let us know!

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • sabrina glover said:

      Are there any test that can alert us prior to a heart attack?. Why do we have to wait until a fatal moment?

    • Rebecca Reid said:

      This past Monday night I started getting dizzy right after work, it was accompanied with nasusua. The dizzy spell lasted for hours The next couple of days I have felt overwhelmed with work and still experiencing bouts of nausea. By Wednesday I had pain in my neck that radiated down the right side if my back shoulder blade. Yesterday I called in sick to work and was in bed all day so fatigued and the pain in my back had radiated to my right shoulder and right Breast. I took an aspirin and it eased the pain. I went back to work today and was weak, nauseated and kept breaking out in a sweat, I am at home now and feeling tingling in my feet, earlier my lips were tingling. I am 49 years old and have family history of heart disease. My husband thinks its just anxiety and indigestion, but I am worried. Any suggestions

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Go to the Emergency Room as soon as possible!

    • Angel said:

      This article is very informative, thank-you. Having said that, this piece is rather confusing to read because of some of the language. I understand the reasons for the language – so the search engines will pick it up – but, including the phrasing to make the search engines happy makes it difficult for your readers to understand. A simple solution would be to include the text without the search engine optimisation (SEO) immediately after the article. However, search engines don’t like that either. I appreciate the time you took to write and share this. Thank-you.

    • darlene norman said:

      i would like to tell you as a woman of 48, have existing copd and experienced a mild heart attack a couple of weeks ago, a symptom that I had was a Very stiff neck, almost like a muscle pulled, was a sign of a heartattack I didn’t know existed. Im am recovering okay with medicine but just wanted to let ladies know when you experience this kind of pain, please go to the nearest emergency room, I knew something was not right, but I did not think it was anything that bad, but it was.

    • Fidelia Corker said:

      The heart muscle requires a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood to nourish it. The coronary arteries provide the heart with this critical blood supply. If you have coronary artery disease, those arteries become narrow and blood cannot flow as well as they should. Fatty matter, calcium, proteins, and inflammatory cells build up within the arteries to form plaques of different sizes. The plaque deposits are hard on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside.;

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    • Patrice Ingram said:

      I’ve been experiencing some stress related issues with my family. For the past week, I’ve been having sharp pains in different areas of my head, right and lower back. On the left-side of my face, between eye and chin area, I’ve been feeling spasms. I’ve tried taking ibprohem and avil for the discomfort. Please advise.

    • Kelly Stewart said:

      I really needed to read this. Heart attacks & heart failure run in my family. I do have anxiety now (for the last 2-3 years)and sometimes it gets so bad Im afraid I am having a heart attack. When I went to the ER I found out that I have acid reflux. I have been taking nexium for about a month now & its much better. My feet were turning a purplish color today when I was sitting on the bed with my legs crossed. (Im not a skinny girl) and sometimes my face feels like its going numb. All of these things worry me althought all of my check ups, ekgs, blood work, etc have all come back fine. Is there anything that can be done to check for a heart attack before it happens?

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Our advice is to make an appointment ASAP with a Cardiologist ( Heart specialist doctor )
      and explaining to her ALL your symptoms.
      Good luck!!

      In sisterhood
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:


      Our advise is to see a Neurologist
      and explain to her ALL your symptoms.
      Request she do a CBC ( Complete Blood Count) the blood never lies and tells any imbalance in your systems.

      Good luck!

      In sisterhood
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Jericah said:

      I am a 19 year old female, 34 weeks pregnant, with no history of heart disease. I was a smoker for about 5 years. I quit when I got pregnant. For 3 days now, I’ve been having this constant chest pain on the left side of my chest that has not and does not gone away or eased up. It is not a sudden or sharp pain at all. It feels like a deep, squeezing or crushing pain. It radiates to my left upper back and my left arm and wrist hurts as well. The back and chest pain, although not sharp hurts very badly. It also feels like my heart skips a beat and then the next beat is really hard, almost like a thump. I went to the ER and they did 10 second EKG that “seemed normal” and they also did lab work to check to see if it was my gallbladder and that checked my cardiac enzymes. Which they said all seemed normal. The doctor said I don’t really fit the description of someone likely to have a heart attack or heart problems. However, I did read that pregnancy increases your risk of blood clots so I am worried. They sent me home and I immediately took some Maalox and drank a lot of milk, incase it was acid reflux or heartburn. It took me a long time to get to sleep because of the pain (which does not ease up when I am at rest at all). When I woke up, I woke up still hurting and took some Prilosec OTC and have not been eating or drinking anything acidic at all. None of the medicine I took helped. At all. I am still having the pains and they do not go away with anything that I do. I went back to another ER last night because it is still constant pain and they did blood work and ekg and monitored me. I am having PVC’s like every third beat and sinus tachycardia, which the doctor said was normal. They then sent me home. All my pains are still there. It still feels like my chest is being crushed and my upper back hurts terribly. It’s like a band of crushing pain. My arm and wrist and shoulder and hand are hurting pretty bad now. I am very very scared. I don’t know what to do because if I go back to the ER, they will just say and do the same thing and then send me home, but if it is something serious, I do not want to stay home and have a heart attack. Help?!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear sister,

      Was a chest x ray taken at the ER? If so, did your lungs and ribs looked ok?
      I wonder if you pulled a muscle or cracked a rib, do you remember hurting yourself?
      I recommend you make an appointment with a Cardiologist ( heart specialist) and also talk to your OB-Gyn doctor, and bring the results from both ER visits.
      ( you can stop by the hospital and go to medical records, and request a copy of the complete lab, and doctor’s notes, a good idea is when you visit the ER in the future, to have a copy given to you and also a copy sent to your primary care physician, that way everyone has the same information )
      Do not take any medicine even over the counter ones, before talking to your doctor, remember you are pregnant now..
      Good luck and let us know!!

      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Kim said:

      Just wanted to share the unusual symptom I had with my heart attack 2 years ago at 54 years old. I woke up at 5:30 am to go get some water from the refrigerator because I had a cold and had been coughing. I took a swig of cold water and right after had a very sharp stabbing pain IN MY THROAT. I took some pepcid thinking it was severe indigestion ( never had it like that) and went back to bed. It slowly went into my jaws….and my right arm. Still didn’t think it was anything but did cross my mind “could it be heart related.” I was overweight with very high cholesterol and not taking anything because of the terrible joint and muscle pain I experienced from the meds. Then my left arm ached. I decided to go on computer to put in for a sub for work and while doing that thought I was going to pass out, throw up, or something. Got very sweaty. Went back to bed. Started having light chest pressure…End of story is that after 12 hours I went to the walk in clinic because I felt I was getting a bladder infection and figured I would have the chest thing checked out too. While there they did blood pressure, ekg, oxygen level and everything was normal. Thank God the doctor decided to do the blood test for the enzyme showing muscle damage from heart attack. They were just getting ready to send me home with steroids for the cough when the lab person knocked on the door. The doctor said an ambulance was on the way as the normal for the blood test was 0.0something to 0.0 something and mine was 7.5. I ended up with 2 stents for 3 blockages…2 were in the “widow maker” at 65percent and 97 percent and the one that caused the heart attack was the OM at 100 percent. So….. insist on the simple 10 minute blood test if you aren’t getting anywhere and you know there is something wrong. I had a normal ekg in the ambulance too with normal blood pressure. Take your cholesterol meds….muscle aches are better than being dead. I have been told over and over I am lucky to still be here. Also….don’t wait 12 hours, that was really stupid.

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      We are so happy too that you are doing ok!!
      Thank you for sharing with us your story…many times we women do not take seriously our pains.
      So, if you feel ” different” ” strange” or any of the above stymptoms, get to the ER right away!!
      And please be and ADVOCATE for yourself, tell your doctor, you want to have a blood test, you do not want her to tell you are OK, you want to know you are OK!!

      In sisterhood
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

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    • Mitzi said:

      When I was 28 and considered ‘very fit’ I collapsed while out walking in the woods. I had nausea, cold sweat, and a feeling of impending doom with an overbearing acuteness of vision that I was dying. It was a horrible feeling and hard to explain. I was like a rag doll. My friend drove me home, even though I asked to take me to the hospital. I slept all day. Booked to see doc (at earliest appointment 2 weeks time) and was prescribed indigestion tablets but doc said if it happens again to see see doc. I have never had a problem with digestion. To this day I think I was doing too much exercise and it was a heart attack, my heart was starved. All my life I have suffered from episodes of waking up in the night with nausea, dizzy, cold sweat spells, it is horrible and frightening esp’ as I live on my own. It is worse when I am exercising. I am now 42. I don’t exercise any more because despite adequate nutrition this is what seems to happen. I am convinced this was not indigestion.

    • susie said:

      I’ve read that women experience different symptoms than men. I wouldn’t like women to think this is the case. My experience was what is described as the symptoms men experience. Lump in my throat, sever chest pains that go down the arm and a feeling of anxiety. Profuse sweating, dizziness followed by feeling exhausted. I had a narrowing in one of the ventricles and a clot to boot. In a two week period I had 13 of these episodes. On a score from 1 to 10 I would say most were above 5 and approximately 7 of them 8 to 10. The 10 had me rushed to hospital unconscious where I underwent surgery ( a stent). Why did I wait so long? Well, 1. I was abroad and flying home in two weeks, and 2. I did the ostrich impersonation, I was in denial. I’m never ill so put it down to anxiety due to my daughters pending wedding. I was let out of hospital 4 days before the big day. Pheww, I now know I was lucky to be there at all. Never ever brush chest pains or any of the symptoms mentioned in this thread. Be sensible and listen to your body.

    • Madre said:

      I’m 30, in shape, but I have high cholesterol (hereditary). I’ve experienced chest tightness/discomfort all afternoon, as well as shortness of breath, numbness in my left arm, and pins and needles in my left hand for 30mins earlier. Now I just experience a sharp pain above my left breast when I take a deep breath. I attended a wedding this afternoon, and seriously considered going to the ER on my way home, but the fact that I don’t speak the local language (I live abroadw)deterred me, along with the whole ”oh, it’s just discomfort” self pep talk, but since I live alone and don’t own a car, I’m feeling pretty worried at the thought of going to bed in an hour. Earlier this week I pulled a chest muscle (left peck?), had a severe cramp in my right calf and last night I ingested psyllium husk, which apparently causes chest tightness/shortness of breath as a side effect, anyone have any experience with this?

    • Connie said:

      I am 46 and 16yrs ago I had a Angioplasty due to two arteries to my heart not providing proper blood flow to the heart. 9 hours on the table and a long recovery prevents me from going to the Drs. many times.
      However lately I did get a new PCP and she did many tests and found some heart disease and a weakend heart valve. But nothing serious to me as she never refereed me to a cardiologist. Well after several tests run, being poked prodded, I called it quits. I dont see why a cardiologist is not being referred and scheduling tests instead of this young PCP.
      So for the past week I have had indigestion…sort of like when I had an eptopic pregnancy but switing to high fiber and low carb low fat all seemed to even out. But I do get pain between my back shoulder blades, some chest heavy, SOB and feeling weak where some pain will go to my jaw. This happens more often than I like but I always shrug it off to my very stressful and hecktic life style, plus my weight and not so proper eating habits when stress is really high.
      I feel foolish to just call a cardiologist myself and explain what is going on, go through all tests again and to insinuate that maybe this PCP does not know what she is talking about. Along with fear of having any proceedure done with my heart. I went so far as to make sure all my affairs are in order, chidlren taken care of but it is all more out of frustration of knowing something is wrong, but no one pin pointing one main thing and fixing it. I have insurance, so that is not the problem..I just want it all to stop and some Dr to care enought to say…”Here it is, lets go and get it fixed”. After my angio plasty…although a long proceedure, afterwords I had energy that I never had before..but Im back to huffing and puffing up the steps..no energy…to walk to a short corner leaves me breathless and having to sit down. Where to I go, Know any really good Cardiologist in the Cleveland area…Im just tired of feeling this “Doom” like feeling.

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Please make an appointment with a board certified cardiologist. Good luck!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Go see a Cardiologist asap

    • Josephine Laing said:

      Dear Sonia,

      Hi dear! This is a brilliant blog. And your article is great! Keep up the good work!

      Love to you,

      P.S. Thanks for re-doing my Positive Possibilities column. It looks very nice. In gratitude!

    • Cheri Smoak said:

      I am 57 and have a pacemaker for SVT. I have been having some issues for a few months and attributed it to pacemaker battery going down (will need to be replaced the end of the year, 2014. Not so sure anymore and due to no insurance since 2009 have no regular cardiologist.

      Symptoms – fullness in throat, headache, pain between shoulder blades (like a pulled muscles, that comes and goes but some discomfort seems to always be there), fluttering feeling maybe a pressure/tightness but hard to describe in my chest, some left arm discomfort and pain/tingling on left face and sometimes jaw pain under the jaw bone/left chin area.

      I have been to ER just Thursday and they said no heart attack as blood tests were fine. Before that went to a family doctor and she sent me to the ER after listening and doing a ECG that stated abnormal.

    • Mithat said:

      I have a stiff left shoulder and upper left back,
      When i breath deeply my back on the left hurts.
      I took an aspirin, is a walk-in clinic okay for tomorrow? ( i get stiff back and neck a lot)

    • advancedcardiodr said:

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    • Maria Tall-Stuart said:

      I’m not sure if this is still running but I would really appreciate some advice please. I have been suffering from concussion for the past few weeks (headaches, nausea, dizziness, problems with thinking etc), however during the past week I have often woken up with my heart racing and three days ago I awoke with my heart racing, a feeling of having to make more effort to breathe and also severe nausea for most of the morning until I went to bed and carried on sleeping for a few hours. Later on I felt better and just had the usual full head/ headache symptoms I have. Instantly due to the concussion. As this breathlessness on waking, nausea and rapid heart rate seems like a different symptom I have been worried in case this is not the concussion but perhaps something else?

      I have been to the hospital and GP a few times due to the concussion so have had my blood pressure taken (high when feeling really bad but ok for regular gp appointment), oxygen (the thing on the finger) was fine. So my vitals and bloods seemed ok. I had an ECG about two months ago as I said I sometimes have heart flutters, but they said it was clear. I am 42 and going through early menopause and am on her (evorel and utrogestan).

      Please could you advise me if you believe these are symptoms related to my concussion.

      Many thanks, Maria

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Please make an appointment with a Cardiologist, have a CBC ( complete blood count) blood always tells you if something it’s out of range.
      Your doctor will probably do another EKG to compare with the ER one.
      If after all the new tests everything it’s normal, then you have to look into your stress level and talk with a psychologist to see if there lies the problem.
      Good luck!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Go to the Emergency Room at your nearest hospital.

    • Allena said:

      31 yr old. Left arm down to fingers are numb, shoulder blade pain, jaw pain, pressure in my chest. I have suffered from anxiety for years. These symptoms have been going on for about 6 weeks. It goes away and then comes back. Sorry for this typing, but its happening now. Anxiety or something else? Also extremely tired, headache. I haven’t taken any medication for anxiety for 2 years.

    • Mandi said:

      I would like to point out that EKG’s are not always reliable when checking for a heart attack in process or post MI. My dad had 4 and my sister 2 and they neither one showed an abnormal EKG.

    • emma said:

      Today I have been extremely upset and the night before to. I started getting a cold sweat and what felt like indigestion it lasted about 30 mins then I fell asleep which is unusual for me this was at about 4pm. I’m 33 and underweight also had the flu and a cough. I had not eaten since the day before and could not drink my usual amount of coffee. I don’t know if it’s worth going to the doctor because I feel ok now. Just tired

    • lally said:

      I am 37 years young last few days I have felt sharp pain in my heart like needles going threw it an heavy Ness what can that be?

    • Janice Bowman said:

      I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and I tend to worry alot when i feel any changes in my body cause my mother passed away at 54.I have been having alot of swelling in my lower leg lately along with some numb feelings at time now I am having some twitching in my left eye and numbness in bottom lip that comes and goes.Should I be concerned

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Janice,

      Please go see a Cardiologist as soon as possible. Good luck!!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      The only way to know for sure is to go see a Cardiologist. Good luck!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Emma, go see a Cardiologist, ask for an EKG and blood test. Good luck!

    • Becky said:

      For the past several days I’ve had a crushing pain in the center of my chest, and my upper right side including right arm, shoulder, and neck. It feels like there is something heavy on me. It hurts so bad that I can only take small breaths. What could it be?

    • Naomi said:

      Hi i’m a 32yr old single mum of there small children I ha s been experiencing alot of tightness in the left side of my upper shoulder and neck also feel dizzy and disorientated very fatigued and on occasion I will start sweating for no reason. I also have pressure in my upper stomach and breastsalso for the past two days I’ve felt as tho I could faint at any moment. This has been going on for 10 weeks now and all started after an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. If there’s anyone out there that can help me please reply.

    • Sharita Cason said:

      I am 44 yes old. I had an upper respiratory infection so I was put on steroids. I have been experiencing sharp pain in my chest that radiates to my back and my head. It feels like my head is throbbing and uncontrollably makes my head shake. It only last about 30 seconds but it is scary.

    • Jackie said:

      Hi.I’ve had 2 worrying nights.my symptoms are .extremely cold.nauseous.headache.b.pressure is high.pulse rate is 130 to 148.sweating.extremely tired.bad cramps high in tummy just under my breasts.bad diahorea.lightheaded.breathless.
      Any suggestions please?

    • celeste said:

      My jaw has been stiff all day . got a bad headache . feeling light headed . seeing stars or diamonds in the sides of my eyes . I get sharp tingeling feeling in right hand shoulder blade . not sure if I should go to doctor

    • christine r. mcgowan said:

      Hello to all those here that are hurting. I was diagnosed with lupus Sle n 1993. Then Lupus invited one side of the family in, which is(for me) Fibromyalgia, Acid reflux, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid sparks, and Seizures.

      Today my right arm is tingling from my shoulder, down to my finger tips. There is no hurting right now from it. Just uncomfortable.

      Thanks to all those that can help!!!!!!

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Christine,

      Please go see a cardiologist .

      Good luck!

      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Celeste,

      Please go to the ER

      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Jackie,

      Go to the ER

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva
      Women’s Press

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Sharita,

      Go to the ER

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Naomi,

      Go to the ER

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Jennifer,

      Sounds like your blood pressure is high
      Please go to the ER

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva

    • Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva (author) said:

      Dear Becky,,

      Go to the ER

      In sisterhood,
      Sonia Paz Baronvine-Silva

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