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Women’s Press April 2014

José Luis Duarte Julio
José Luis Duarte Julio pintor, nace el 18 de mayo 1968 . Diez años sus estudios de arte, en la escuela experimental artistica para culminar en el Bellas Artes Universidad de Chile.
Comienza su carrera de artista exponiendo en la Galeria Lawrece Santiago de Chile ,despues expone en Galeria Altos de Sarmiento, en Buenos Aires Argentina, en estos comienzos su trabajo es valorado por la critica y el medio local, es asi que Galeria Arte Actual una de las mas importantes de aquel tiempo decide trabajar …

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No more toxins in our bodies!….by  Anahi Contreras Hormazábal RN


Women menstruate about 5 days a month . In a year ,then 60 days. Therefore if we  menstruate for about 40, years, that  would be a total of 2400 days or 80 months and 6.7 years is equivalent to 6 years 8 months 2 weeks. This involves a lot of blood , so we need protection. What is  found in supermarkets and pharmacies as  ”feminine protection ” . There are many brands of tampons, pads and panty liners , as well as different models of these us so that we …

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Help NOW create our feminist agenda…..by Terry O’Neill


Every year, our conference is a huge success thanks to the workshops planned by our activists and allies. I’ve taken a peek at the proposals we’ve already received and I’m really excited. But to create a strong conference we need even more!
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This year, we’re offering three different tracks of workshops to include a diverse range of feminist ideas and voices. The three tracks are:

Creating political, social and economic policy solutions
Developing cultural engagement
Skills-building for grassroots activists

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This conference …